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When Shi Mu turned 4 his father left on a journey to continue his martial arts and he had been gone for the next 10 years. During his journey he joined the Jin household and made great achievements, he then ordered some cultivators to go and bring his son Shi Mu back when he was on his death bed.

2 years ago a tsunami hit Shi Mu's village and he almost died but was saved by a giant clam that released a blood mist which healed his body and improved his cultivation drastically.

Shi Mu's Bloodline[]

Blood Warrior - Bloodline Essence: Useless Stone Monkey Bloodline[]

The power of this Bloodline is to allow martial disciples to exhibit inhuman stamina and recovery, but once you comprehend how to feel Qi, the body's meridians will be blocked as a result of the bloodline. The rate of energy condensation will be much slower than even the average person.

The stone monkey bloodline is known as a useless bloodline for most people except that it's also a distant descendant of the Skyshielding Monstrous Ape. Possessors of the stone monkey bloodline are eligible of evolving themselves into the heavenly bloodline of the Skyshielding Monstrous Ape.

Blood warriors are comparable to gods and demons of this world. Blood warriors are able to stimulate a special kind of blood within their bodies, as a result, they're able to manifest special abilities normal people can only dream of. These sorts of people are extremely rare and any one of them would be able to crush others on the same level as them. Blood warriors are fewer than one in ten thousand. Blood warriors are often hated for their talents, more often than not, they are assassinated at a young age.

Bloodline Martial artists are rare, and the majority of them have astounding talent, that is true, but the essence is of a bloodline is a reflection of ones constitution, not all bloodlines help with cultivation, some bloodlines impede cultivation, that is what a "useless bloodline" is. The useless stone monkey bloodline is the most common, "useless Bloodline".

Because Shi Mu was constantly using the blood mist from the meteor that fell and because he received the power from the clam spirits pearl which was subjected to the blood mist over the years his body now retains the blood mist within it which drastically improves his cultivation as well as improving his healing factor like when his hands were bruised and swollen that would have taken a normal person to heal from, within 3-5 days but Shi mu healed within a day.